Creating the World’s biggest digital Choir

So an old friend of mine, and really someone who supported my very early production years with tips, tricks, critique and of course a shit load of software, decided to take his wife plus the rest of his team on the road and record voices for a digital choir all across the US.

The goal is an ensemble of thousands of voices (currently about 400)

Sound like an overly ambitious goal? Well, to help reach this goal they started a little fundraising campaign on Indigogo.

If you feel like this is something that needs to happen, then follow this campaign trail and contribute something:

Project Prayer Song on Indigogo


You can read all about the Project on their Indigogo page, even listen to the song that will incorporate the digital choir once it’s done.

Check out this interview with J. Scott G himself:

And a few last words from the Indigogo Project page:

Can’t Help Financially? That’s OK! But Read On…

Trust us, we soooooo get it. We’re not made of money either, and neither are 99% of most people on earth. (See what we did there?). But, look, this campaign’s success isn’t entirely dependent on every single person we know contributing in a financial aspect. To be honest, what we really need is for people to spread the word. And we’re not talking about Facebook posts. Nope. Statistics show, that Facebook posts about random crowdfunding campaigns have about 1% real world engagement. Yep. Sad isn’t it? Why is that?

Because there’s simply too much white noise on the internet these days for anyone to care. Because the only thing that Facebook likes are good for, is nothing. That’s why. So here’s what you can do…

If you LOVE music, if you see the potential in this project like we do, if you want to help us create something that will be nothing short of magical, then please share this project with the people in your network who are in alignment.

And what we mean by “share” is, call them. Email them. PERSONALLY. Tell them what Project Prayer Song is about and why you’re excited about it. That’s how we can all make this work… by making that personal connection. 

Sound familiar? Yeah, exactly. That’s what this whole project is about to begin with. And when human beings realize how powerful REAL HUMAN CONNECTIONS are, we’ll see the world around us transform in a way that we can’t possibly imagine.


Now go be awesome. We believe in you.

Sounds like legit reasoning to me 🙂

Go to for more info!


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