Controlwerk – Landscapes

Happy to finish our release season with the two tracks on Controlwerk’s release “Landscapes”

The release is planned for August 31st. It consists of two tracks, both of which live in the deep house genre but add an element of tech house to the mix. The “urban landscape” cover represent the acoustic journey that defines these tracks.

Keep an eye and an ear out for this one.


“Shadows” by Eric Rigo releases today.

Finally, our second deep house release! It’s really exciting to have someone like Eric Rigo on the roster. He has a very detailed music production style and it makes listening to different elements of his music really interesting.

As of today Shadows will be available on Beatport exclusively for the next two weeks. Click here to go straight to the store or check out a sample below.

Thanks for all your support!

Release Info:

“Shadows” by Eric Rigo has some of the punchier drums in deep house as well as a thick bass line to match.

A heavy and deep foundation for the minimalistic middle percussion arrangements that are layered on top and in between make it a versatile track appealing to a broad spectrum of listeners.

Try it out in different venues!

Oliver Huntemann. Techno set in Forsage, Kiev.

Oliver Huntemann has been an inspiration since back in the day where we haven’t even focused on techno, yet. After the electro/mash up parties we’d have the after-after parties in places like hotel rooms or where ever there was an option to connect equipment and continue playing.
During these parties all the minimal, deep house and techno gems came out of the bag, which wasn’t very popular in California. Our usual crowd wasn’t ready for it back then. I’m personally glad to have made the move from the US to Germany. Now these private techno parties are the main event!

This is what this set, uploaded by radio intense, and most of the other sets we post remind me of. Techno fans don’t have to hide πŸ™‚

If you have any cool live sets we should check out, please drop us a line via email or social media.


Attack Style Tech House by Solardo

We are celebrating the mid-week today with Solardo, brought to you by DJ Mag.

Sometimes we need our tech house to be of the harder sort. If this doesn’t get you off the couch to go dance in your kitchen… or off your desk chair and dance in the office.. then we have failed you.

Again, keeping the text short, more time to groove!

So-fresh Claptone Remix by Eric Rigo

First of all, we are super happy to welcome Eric Rigo amongst our roster of artists. He has a release coming out on dubhaus on the 26th of June, which we’re super excited for.

Last night, however, he came out of nowhere with this remix of Claptone’s No Eyes, and it’s smooth as hell. Check it out below!

It immediately struck a chord as the original version has grown on us since our very own Thomas Radman included it in his “Never Exhale” deep house mix:

Did we mention that we’re really excited to have Eric on board? πŸ˜€

Fritz Kalkbrenner. Tech and Deep House.

It’s monday night. Fritz Kalkbrenner is digitally with us today as we start into this week right.. a bit of tech, a bit of deep and a lot of jammin.

Enjoy and as always, if you have live sets of yourself, someone you know or just want to share an awesome set you found, please let us know!

Release day: Two Faces by David Schirmeister

It’s finally that time. @davidschirmeister “Two Faces” is available for download today on Beatport. Included are two tracks:

  1. The more straight forward “Two Faces and
  2. The abstract nightmarish in style and name “Permanent Nightmare”

Two Faces 2

Release Info:

Dark, meticulously produced sounds garnish these two tracks.

David Schirmeister captures that feeling of disbelieve right after inevitable consequences. The music takes you on a dark journey from denial all the way to acceptance.

Two Faces is accompanied by Permanent Nightmare and make for a must have duo to play in even the darkest of sets.


Erick Morillo. Subliminal. MixMag.

WeΒ know weΒ know… this may not be as “techy” as some of you like, but Erick Morillo is an idol and just an all around fun DJ to jam out to.Β If you’ve ever had the pleasure of attending one of his shows you know what we’re talking about.

Thanks, MixMag for bringing him out and now go get ’em, Erick.. we’re gonna shut up and dance through the office πŸ˜‰

Day One Promo Clip (Deep House)

Hey everyone,

We are happy to present our promo clip to the new release “Day One” by Thomas Radman.

For all you techno-only followers consider this the track you might hear in the morning on the way home from the party πŸ™‚

We love any support you’re willing to give:

Thank you all πŸ˜€

Release day: “Day One” plus more!

Hey everyone,

Quite the busy week ahead. Today Thomas Radman’s Day One releases , marking the first deep house track on our label. It will be available exclusively on Beatport for the next two weeks after which it will move on to all the other culprits such as Spotify, iTunes and co.

Thank you for the support!

At the same time, new signing David Schirmeister from Berlin has an upcoming release, which can already be pre-ordered on Beatport, as well.Β His single Two Faces includes two tracks, both dark and of meticulously designed sound elements. A real joy to get lost in!

Sample clips will follow but you can have a listen directly on Beatport:

As always we’d love to here from you. Get in touch with us about anything you’d like.