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Take a look at our latest release! We’re happy to be representing Sono & Ray on their first release called “Leaving the Afterhour”

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BP Capture

RELEASE DATE 2017-04-20
LABEL Dubhaus Records

The music fades behind you. You’re walking through a hallway towards the exit. It’s been a long night… unforgettable even.

It’s that time of day, again. The sun is rising but the city is still asleep. The music keeps circulating in your mind. A driving tune with a rhythm you just can’t shake.
It takes you on a minimal techno journey, no matter whether you take a cab, the subway or are walking. The entire world around you bows down to the rhythm in your head.

Yes, definitely unforgettable.


Thomas Radman’s On My Own is out now!

On My Own is available now exclusively on for the next two weeks. After that it will move onto iTunes, Spotify and so on.
We are very excited to see that this track has already gotten some great responses from the techno community.
Our Instagram community is also growing rapidly. We started about a week or two ago and are already at almost 50 followers. We had no idea how tight knit and supportive the techno, tech house, deep house community really was.

Much respect to all of you and thanks for all the support!

ARTISTS Thomas Radman
RELEASE DATE 2017-03-09
LABELS Dubhaus Records

“After concentrating on establishing a network following his move from the United States back to his native Germany, Thomas Radman finally gave himself the time and peace to create something new.
“On My Own” depicts the sometimes monotone and lonely road of huge life changing events. At the same time keeping a rhythmic groove that chugs along, just like one has to do him- or herself when facing and overcoming new situations in life.

The move to Germany has left its mark. The usual high energy electro sound from the states, Thomas Radman is known for, makes room for a slightly dark and Berlin underground inspired Techno ensemble bordering on Techhouse… two directions he is looking forward to exploring further in the near future.”



First release since re-launch!

Hey Everyone,
You can already PRE-ORDER our newest release, set for March 9th, on Beatport!
Check out “On My Own” by Thomas Radman, a techno track of a slightly different sort.

Thanks for the support!

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And if you haven’t already done so, check out the video here!