Release day: Two Faces by David Schirmeister

It’s finally that time. @davidschirmeister “Two Faces” is available for download today on Beatport. Included are two tracks:

  1. The more straight forward “Two Faces and
  2. The abstract nightmarish in style and name “Permanent Nightmare”

Two Faces 2

Release Info:

Dark, meticulously produced sounds garnish these two tracks.

David Schirmeister captures that feeling of disbelieve right after inevitable consequences. The music takes you on a dark journey from denial all the way to acceptance.

Two Faces is accompanied by Permanent Nightmare and make for a must have duo to play in even the darkest of sets.



Function. Boiler Room. Berlin.

It’s wednesday again (still in some parts of the world) and time for another featured mix. This time around we found this mix by Function. When we first heard this is sort of brought us back to techno days from the past. Driving and at a faster pace but yet monotone enough to have it playing as a back drop to everything else that’s going on here.

Check it out!

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