Release Day for Sono & Ray

It’s release day here at Dubhaus Records. We are happy to see Sono & Ray release their very first track out into the world. These duo has been hustling to get ahead by playing one show after another. We sincerely hope that we areย able to help them get booked even better gigs in the futureย with this release out.

Give it a listen. It’s out on Beatport now and will be available at all the other online retailers in two weeks!

Cheers to Sono & Ray!


RELEASE DATE 2017-04-20
LABEL Dubhaus Records


The music fades behind you. You’re walking through a hallway towards the exit. It’s been a long night… unforgettable even.

It’s that time of day, again. The sun is rising but the city is still asleep. The music keeps circulating in your mind. A driving tune with a rhythm you just can’t shake.
It takes you on a minimal techno journey, no matter whether you take a cab, the subway or are walking. The entire world around you bows down to the rhythm in your head.

Yes, definitely unforgettable.